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The Purpose of IKN

Aside from being a solution for Jakarta’s incapabilities to provide public needs because it is densely populated, Ibu Kota Negara (IKN) has its own main purpose to create a new center of economic growth. However, there are three important points of IKN’s purposes :

  1. The big goal is to achieve the Golden Indonesia Vision in 2045.

  2. The relocation of the capital city creates a new center of economic growth by setting up 6 economic clusters and 2 supporting clusters. With this goal, it can encourage economic transformation.

  3. The six economic clusters include the Clean Technology Industry, Integrated Pharmacy, Sustainable Agriculture Industry, Ecotourism and Health Tourism, Chemicals and Chemical Derivative Products, and Low Carbon Energy. In addition, there are also two supporting clusters, namely 21st Century Education and Smart City and Industry 4.0 Center.

  4. Shifting the share of development growth from west to east

  5. The transfer of IKN is also a strategy to shift the portion of development growth from west to east. 85% of the population is concentrated in Java and Sumatra, while about 15% contributes to the economy of the eastern region. In this way, there is an expansion of economic growth. Kalimantan was chosen because of its potential and ideal position for sustainable growth.

  6. Encouraging ASN professionalism more evenly

  7. The transfer of IKN is a great opportunity for the 2045 vision goal, but it is not just a move and certainly requires a professional ASN. Bureaucratic reform was sharpened and human resources were maximized.


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