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Swasti Saba: Government Appreciation for Healthy Region

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Indonesia has various kinds of natural wealth; this is Indonesia's advantage and it’s very good for the community to take advantage of it. Of course, Indonesia must maintain and preserve all of this potential to become a healthy country, not only its environment but also all the components that live in it.

In this case, Indonesia’s Government continues to find solutions so that people realize how important it is to have a healthy environment and be able to work for it. One of the programs carried out by the Government of Indonesia is to give awards to regions that have succeeded in becoming a region that is healthy and prosperous. One of the awards given by the Government is called Swasti Saba.

Swasti Saba Wistara, or more commonly known as Swasti Saba, means "a prosperous city". Swasti Saba is included in the Healthy City/District (Kota/Kabupaten Sehat or known as KKS in Bahasa) program which aims to achieve a city or regency condition that is clean, healthy, comfortable, and safe to live in and as a place to work for its citizens by implementing various programs in various sectors. If a city/district succeeds in implementing good sector programs, it is hoped that the quality of public facilities/infrastructure, work productivity, and the economy of its people will also increase. The Swasti Saba award is classified as an award in the field of environmental health given to cities or regencies in Indonesia that have conducted 7 (seven) assessments.

Seven indicators for the assessment of Swasti Saba include:

  • Habitation Arrangement,

  • Public Facilities and Infrastructure,

  • Areas and Means of Orderly Traffic and Transportation Services,

  • Healthy Industrial Estates and Offices,

  • Healthy Tourism Area,

  • Food and Nutrition,

  • Healthy and Independent Community Life and Healthy Social Life.

The Swasti Saba Awards are given every odd year, meanwhile, every even year, the government verifies KKS at the provincial level. Swasti Saba, the award for the KKS government program, is not a mandatory competition that must be joined by each region. Swasti Saba is more about appreciation from the central government, represented by the Minister of Health, to local governments that have made efforts to objectify the KKS program. This appreciation can be a motivation and encouragement so that the communities continue to create a healthy residential environment, also so that its potential can always be exploited with awareness to preserve it for the next generation.

Swasti saba has several types based on the levels. There is Swasti Saba Padapa or consolidation level, next is Swasti Saba Wiwerda or coaching level, then followed by Swasti Saba Wistara or development level. Here are some of the regions in Indonesia that received the Swasti Saba awards:

  • Bekasi, Tasikmalaya, and Pangandaran Regency won the Swasti Saba Padapa awards and received certificates, trophies, and assistance money of IDR 15 million.

  • Cianjur and Ciamis Regency Regency won the Swasti Saba Wiwerda awards and received certificates, trophies, and assistance money of IDR 20 million.

  • Depok, Bogor, Cirebon, and Banjar City, along with Sukabumi, Bandung, West Bandung, Sumedang, Subang, Karawang, Garut, and Kuningan Regency won the Swasti Saba Wistara awards and received certificates, trophies, and assistance money of IDR 25 million.


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