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IKN as Smart City

The development of the State Capital (IKN) creates a lot of opportunities yet it is quite challenging. IKN, soon to be the pole of Indonesia's economic growth, should provide a lot of facilities such as housing, education, health care, and so on for people's activity. This plan may lead to deforestation because of the need for larger space.

Kalimantan is known as one of the biggest earth's lungs which supports the world's oxygen supply with its extensive tropical rainforest. Smart City along with Forest City concept became the answer to this problem. These two concepts balance the relation between human and nature. The concept allows us to live side by side with nature and minimize the natural damage caused by humans and its development.

Smart City is a concept where cities could use information and communication technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide a better quality of government service and citizen welfare. The main goal of a smart city is to optimize city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the quality of life for citizens by using smart technologies and data analysis. The value lies in how this technology is used rather than simply how much technology is available.

This concept demands integration between technology, government, and public. The implementation of Smart City in IKN will be involved these three things that are economic dimension that growth competitiveness, capacity of environment to give amenities, and support the city in the social dimension

Whereas, the definition of Forest City is a city with lots of buildings that are covered by plants or for short, a vertical forest. With the existence of trees and plants everywhere, it gives advantages like cooling down the city temperature, fulfilling oxygen needs, creating biodiversity, and lowers the noise.

IKN itself has its own definition for Forest City. IKN located in the middle of the forest gives a big challenge because we have to focus on preserving its biodiversity and its nature and also restore the forest. So the definition of Forest City in IKN will be a forest city which is dominated by forest landscape or green space that has ecosystem service functions and create integration between human and nature.

The main purpose of this concept is to optimize carbon absorption, conservation of biodiversity, and managing the environment for better. There are principles of Forest City for IKN created by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. These principles are connected with nature, environmental conservation, low carbon development, development of adequate water resources, anti-sprawl development, and community engagement

In other words we could say, both Forest city and Smart city create a sustainable development by fulfilling public needs without taking all of the resources and harming the environment. Sustainable development allows the younger generation to have a better future.


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